Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tuba-Euphonium Press

This blog post is about sources for tuba-euphonium ensemble literature. Who am I kidding? I'm about to go off on a tangent about Tuba-Euphonium Press. I really do appreciate the fact that the International Tuba-Euphonium Association has its own publishing division, but my previous experiences have been slightly negative. First of all, some of the prices are too high. I can go to a place like Hickey's and find the same item for equal or lesser cost! Second, the former director of TE Press NEVER responded to my emails! I had some arrangements I wanted to have considered for publication, not to mention a large band arrangement I had completed as part of my senior honors thesis as an undergraduate student. Oy...

At the 2008 ITEC, it was announced that TE Press would be moving to Baltimore, Maryland and would be going through a change in leadership. This was fine and some minor glitches were to be expected with such a shift. Well, the major problem I had was that the automatic shipping cost was $10. I tried to purchase the Forbes arrangement of Achieved is the Glorious Work, priced at $8, and would have spent more in SHIPPING. This struck me as odd.

In spite of these rantings, there is something good that has come from the change in leadership with TE Press. They have created a grading system that grades each piece they publish based on range, technical difficulties, endurance, rhythmic complexity, etc. This is a great idea! Kudos.

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