Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cimarron Press

Tuba-euphonium ensembles often face the dilemma of having to pick literature for recitals. What piece should we play? How many? Arrangements? Transcriptions? Original compositions? These questions often plague groups in the early stages of music selection. Fear not, tuba-euphonium ensembles! Go to Cimarron Press for your sheet music needs! The company is operated by Brian Doughty. This man is always prompt with emails and phone calls. He takes the time to make sure your needs are met and really provides quality literature for instruments of all kinds, not just tubas and euphoniums.

There are two really great things about the site. The first is that you can get PDF samples of the music before you decide to buy it! That is such a great idea! The other great thing is that Cimarron takes part in commissioning projects of various types, the most recent and notable one being the 2008 ITEC Tuba Quartet commission. It would behoove any college ensemble to peruse their website. There is a ton of good stuff out there!

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